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About Ruth Tynes

Ruth Tynes (pronounced "tie-ns") is an American Business Woman, Writer, Fashion & Decor Designer, Fashion Model, Graphic Designer, Marketing Consultant, and Webmaster.

Tynes has almost two decades of experience in the Publishing, Entertainment, Fashion, and Christian Ministry worlds. Her professional career started at the age of 14, when the "E-Business" Industry was just being created. 19 years later, Tynes has sustained and become one of the pioneers of the Internet "Lifestyle Brand" boom.

Ruth serves as the Editor of In the Times magazine @, whose signature motto is "Fashion + Entertainment + Faith + Fun !" In the Times magazine @ is the longest running (Est. 2000) Christian faith-based web site designed for Tween, Teen, and Young Adult Girls on the Internet.

Part of the In the Times brand is ITT pop Radio (pronounced "it pop"). Since its first Online Broadcast in 2005, ITT pop Radio has become popular for its signature "Seasonal Music Playlists" that feature an eclectic mix of music.

Tynes is the Owner of ITT girl couture (pronounced "it girl koo-tur") and designs IGC's unique fashion and decor pieces, as well as serving as "the face" of the brand.

Additionally, Ruth owns In the Times Public Relations which develops, designs, and maintains branding for all of the above. In the Times Public Relations also provides Marketing Solutions for exterior Clients.

Tynes holds a B.S. in Christian Ministries with a Minor in Youth Ministry, and a Minor in Business.

Celebrating 19 years!
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