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SATURDAY 7.29.2017

@ 12:00 AM
Where would I be without "To Do/To Buy Lists"??? [shivers at the mere thought of it] That being said, Projects of the Day = Admin work, Writing work, Running Errands, & Decor work. ;)

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FRIDAY 7.28.2017

@ 1:05 AM
Good Morning ITT girls & Co.! Projects of the Day = Admin work & Writing work.

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Side Note about a Side Note - Ok, so first off see the 7.19.2017 entry below to get the context of what I am about to divulge on. ;)

It has come to my attention, that I probably need to clarify a little bit more what I meant regarding this "Hot Topic" (lol). So, in terms of my obnoxious statements about "pointless" photos & "crevices" & whatnot, I was talking about for me personally. Professionally, first and foremost, I am a Writer. So publishing Photos of myself is not at the top of my To Do List for the day. Only b/c typically modern-day Readers like to have an idea of what the Author looks like (judgmental! lol) is why I even deal with this (lol).

Sooooooo, someone else in a totally different Profession, has a totally different set of Goals, Objectives, & Daily To Do's. For example, someone whose Job is to be an Online Spokesperson, that may be a part of their Job Description to create as many Photos/Poses as they can daily, to promote someone else's Product/Company.

Now, on to the "crevice" conversation (lol). Again, I was talking about for me personally. One of the beautiful things about the World we live in, is that there is something and somebody for everyone. Professionally, it's referred to as "a Niche" and in Marketing terms a "Target Audience".

So again, it really does come down to what your Job Description is. So yeah, for me being a Small Business Owner, I write my own JD & that isn't a part of it (or would it be ITT, lol).

Whew! Ok, so for those of you who needed some more clarity, I hope this explains what I was trying to communicate a little bit better. ;) Now, there were a few other things that I needed to also clarify, but I will deal with that laters, Ruthie is tired right now, thx! ;)

MONDAY 7.24.2017

@ 1:50 PM
Me earlier: "Rain, rain, go away." =( [turns over and goes back to sleep]

I love living in "The Valley" (aka - what we Desert folks call a group of our Suburban Towns collectively). I mean, we've got the Hollywood/La La Land glitz & glamour, but with the ability to go low-key. We're laid back (well, most of us are, lol), we know how to have "personal space", we've got room to breath & spread out if we want to, options, options, options. (#ad, no j/k, lol) No offense my Cali People (#stereotypes, lol), you're good, keep being you. ;)

"But Ruth," (you say) "it's so hot..."
(replies) "Why do you think we have so many Malls, Restaurants, & Resorts??? LOL!" ;)

All of that being said, the only thing that I don't like is "Monsoon Season"... =( It's scary & it does something weird to my sinuses which agitates random things like headaches. Not fun. Seriously, #PrayForRuth. =/

I'm thinking about starting a new Tradition next year & going somewhere else/traveling for a few Months until things get back to normal... #RandomThought

In other news, it's time to get some work done. You know the drill, Projects of the Day = Admin work & Writing work. ;)

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@ 4:27 PM
Spotlight Bible verse = [Jesus said,] "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces."
(Matthew 7:6, NIV)

Wow... Another one of those, "Now that I've been through some stuff, I get it." Bible verses. =/ This is always such a good reminder. Things like our heart, feelings, emotions, love, time, energy, gifts, etc. are sacred. They are so fragile, beautiful, & precious, we could all do a better job of protecting their value/worth...

SUNDAY 7.23.2017

@ 9:32 AM
Good Morning & Happy Sunday ITT girls & Co.! Lots of Requests for Church Service Styling Ideas.

Guys, word on the street is that you want ideas too... [gasps and shrills with delight] GOOD!!! That means that I can temporarily quench my overwhelming thirst to have a Man to dress. ;) My Husband & Son are doomed... [squeals] "Awwwwwww!!! Look at my two Cuties!!!" [proceeds to smother them with a bajillion hugs and kisses] (lol) We will be the, "Ohhhh, tha-ttt Family" whose Outfits always, ahem, "seem" to coordinate (lol).

I really do think that this all stems from me not having any Guy Dolls to dress as a Child. Piles upon piles of Girl Dolls, but no Guys... Sigh... and I've been thirsty ever since... (LOL!) But, we won't get into that right now, that's a toy story for another time. ;)

THURSDAY 7.20.2017

@ 12:00 AM
Good Morning ITT girls & Co.! Projects of the Day = Admin work & Writing work. ;)

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@ 3:31 AM
A Summer Beauty Regimen Goal that I have been working on has been to grow out my Eyebrows. ... I really hope no one was eating/drinking while reading this...if so, sorry. ;) I've been wearing them Thin & now I want a Full Look (see my Promo Pic above) again. Those are my Brows in their most Natural state (Color, Shape, Arch, etc.).

Here comes an "About RT" reference -- if you want to know how to use all of those fun, fancy schmancy Brow Powders, Pencils, Spoolie Brushes (IDK that word always makes me giggle, lol), Colored Gels, etc. you've come to the wrong Web Site. =/ Wanna know a secret??? [leans in closer & whispers] I've never actually used any of that stuff before... I've wanted to try, but never taken the time to do it. Sigh, oh well, maybe one day. ;)

Sooooooo, if you have any Questions/need Advice on Natural Brow Care, I'm your girl. ;)

@ 1:50 PM
Lunch Break = enjoyed a delish Salad & listened to some good Music. #Peaceful ;)

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@ 5:02 PM
Spotlight Bible verse = "Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife."
(Proverbs 17:1, NIV)

WEDNESDAY 7.19.2017

@ 1:49 AM
Do you ever "get a feeling" about something that you know is probably the case, but you "don't want to get your hopes up", so you're like, "Nahhhh! It's probably just a coincidence..." but you know in your guts that it's not... =/ #RunOnSentence

Thoughts??? Oh! Ah yes, [clears throat & proceeds to read from a Cue Card] I'm asking for [nervously looks around] "a Friend". ;)

@ 12:07 PM
Projects of the Day = Admin work & Writing work.

Side Note - For those of you who say that I should post more Pictures of myself (ahem, b/c we all know how I just luv to blow up your Phones, Computers, Tablets, & other Mobile Devices with 25,000 pointless Photos a day that show you every known & previously unknown crevice & fiber of my face & body... [said in the most dry & obnoxious tone possible]) you will be happy to know that your deepest desires will soon be met. Oh joy. Oh the anticipation. [also said in an obnoxious & dry tone] Sigh... So yeah, planning is now officially in the works for non-pointless Photos. There. I said it. Are you happy now???

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@ 6:15 PM
It's Church Night. ;)

Spotlight Bible verse = "Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine [Jesus Christ] and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock."
(Matthew 7:24-25, NIV)

TUESDAY 7.18.2017

@ 12:09 AM
Anyone who says doing a Closet Make-Over doesn't count as "a Workout", send them to me. ;) This girl is stupidly exhausted... [huffs & puffs & blows your House down]

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@ 1:55 AM
Projects of the Day = Admin work, Writing work, & a Biz Meeting. Excited about doing some Market Research for a new Article Series. ;)

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@ 7:46 PM
Spotlight Bible verse = "The LORD was with Joseph and he prospered,"
(Genesis 39:2, NIV)

Always one of my favorite Bios to read in the Bible. Every time I read it, I get something new... The more you live & learn, the more this story starts to add up on all fronts... =/

MONDAY 7.17.2017

@ 11:56 AM
[wonders to self...] "Why am I in such an incredibly irritated mood & I haven't even gotten out of bed yet..." [gets up and looks at Day Planner] "Ohhhhhhhh..." =/

Ahem, Ladies, I have a million and one rants about this Topic. Uh huh, you know what I'm talking about. Ah yes, and for the Girlies who have only heard the Myths & Legends of those who have come before you, don't worry, after I get finished, you will continue to dread the incoming torture. #RunOnSentence Seriously though, this is totally all Eve's (for clarity - the naive chick in the Bible) fault... =(

Last but surely not least in this scenario, ahem, hey Guys (uh huh, I see you, lol) you're not excused from the table. We desperately need your pity, patronizing, gentleness, patience, sweetness, etc. etc. "during our time of need". In the words of that Famous Philosopher, "It's not easy bein' green." So I encourage you to also read our Articles when they come out. I hear a lot from Guys that they feel awkward & ashamed wondering about things like this. Dudes, don't ever feel like this. Knowledge is power & it helps protect your feelings from being hurt in the future.

Oh yes, and for the Ladies that 'think this isn't a very feminist thing for me to say' & you don't want a well-informed, sensitive, and compassionate Guy... #1 - Get out of line honey, you're taking up someone else's spot. #2 - I'll deal with you later. I have even more rants for your kind. Bwah ha ha! See, I told you I was irritable (lol). ;)

Sooooooo Dolls & Guys (intentional flip flopping), send your Questions thisaway. In the meantime, I will be locking myself away like a hermit. #ProtectPublicSafety #PrayForRuth #ihatethis ;)

@ 1:01 PM
Oh hey, it's 7.17.17, this would be a cool day to be born on. ;) #RandomThought

In other news, Projects of the Day = Admin work & Decor work.

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@ 9:00 PM
Needed to get some Groceries. Sooooooo, due to my aforementioned emotional status (wink wink), I intentionally chose to go to a huge Grocery Store that always has like literally 5 people Shopping in it at a time (and we were 2 of the 5). =/
#BestKeptSecret ;)

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@ 9:31 PM
Spotlight Bible verse = "Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret--it leads only to evil."
(Psalm 37:8, NIV)

Well you knew that I was going to post something like this! ;)

Seriously though, at least in my own personal Lifestyle, I have found (through making lots of stupid mistakes) that if I know that someone, some scenario, etc. has even the potential to, ahem, "make me mad" ;) I need to avoid them/it like the plague (hence, going to a Grocery Store with hardly anybody in it, b/c I know that I'm emotionally fragile right now).

Of course, each situation has its own unique set of challenges & adjustments, depending on who/what you are dealing with. But yeah, you get the point. ;) Sigh...well, you know that I have a bajillion more rants about this, but yeah, we'll talk more about it laters. ;)

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