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Ruth Tynes (pronounced "tie-ns") is an American Businesswoman and Writer.


The Basics of Life

Hair Color = My natural hair color is Black. But I go in and out of various shades of Blonde, Brown, and Black. ;)

Eye Color = Brown

Nationality = American

Ethnicity = A blend of African, European, Native American, and Jewish decent. ;)

Single, Married, Separated, Divorced, Re-married = Single, never married.

Children = Not yet, one day. ;)

Religion = Christianity

Denomination = I personally consider myself to be "Non-Denominational", even if I attend a Church and/or School that is affiliated with a specific Denomination. ;)

Political Affiliation = Independent ;)

Education = I have had an eclectic Education that has definitely helped broaden my perspective in life. ;) Sooooooo, let's see, the rundown would be...

For Elementary School I attended a super small Lutheran Private School for Kindergarten-3rd Grade (I have a very funny story about being the only 3rd Grader, lol, but we'll save that for another time, smile) and then for 4th Grade-5th Grade, an average-sized Public School that has an emphasis on Science & Technology.

For Middle School/Jr. High, I attended a small Catholic Private School (6th Grade-7th Grade) and then for one Semester of 8th Grade, an average-sized Public School. Then... this Semi-Small Town East Coast Girl (coming from a city with less than 156,000 people) became a Big City West Coast-ish Girl (going to a city with more than 1,000,000 people) and I finished up 8th Grade in a large Public School.

"Culture Shock" quickly wore off (lol) and High School was an absolute blast at a large Public School. =) During this time, I also took some of my Courses at a large Public School different than mine during the Summer, to help free up my schedule for Senior Year. ;)

I chose to "take a year off" before starting College to, as the popular saying goes, "find myself". My goal was to really evaluate what was truly important to me in life, and figure out truly what road I was heading down in the future. This of course sounds way more glamorous, easy, and fun to accomplish than it actually is (lol, #Naive) as I am sure everyone reading this knows all too well... ;) My second goal for my "year off" was to be able to work Full-time on continuing to build the foundation for my Business, which I started at 14 years old. #TypeAproblems ;)

During my "year off", my College/University choice actually changed (this story is a Mini-series in & of itself, lol) and I decided to attend a small Conservative Baptist Bible College instead. During this time, I also took a variety of my Courses at a few large Community Colleges.

The end of my formal Education story? I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in "Christian Ministries", with a Minor in "Youth Ministry", and another Minor in "Business". Whew, see, I told you it was a doozy. ;)

Extra-Curricular Activities = To say that I am "a fan" of Extra-Curricular Activities, is truly understatement of the year. ;) As the popular cliche goes, it really does "help keep you out of trouble". Sooooooo, let's see, the rundown would be...

Elementary School - Orchestra, Choir, Musical Theater, Newspaper Staff, School TV Show, Science Summer Camp, and Technology Summer Camp.

Middle School/Jr. High - Talent Shows, Newspaper Staff, and Writing Competitions.

High School - Choir/Solos, Musical Theater, Talent Shows, Academic Decathlon, AP Courses, Speech & Debate, Student Government, Homecoming Committee, Prom Committee, Senior Class Grad Night Committee, School Fashion Shows, Bible Study Club, Church Youth Ministry, School TV Show, and started my Business. ;)

College - Choir/Solos, Church Choir, Church Musical Theater Productions, Church Music Ministry Internship, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Student Government, School TV Show, Church College/Young Adults Ministry, Church Singles Ministry, Church Bible Study Group Leader, work on my Business, and work a Student Job on Campus as a Librarian. ;)

See... how can you possibly get into trouble doing all of that??? "Stress"... well, that's another conversation topic all together (lol). But yeah, the long-term benefits (learning how to have Time Management Skills, gaining better Social Skills, gleaning from experienced Mentors, connecting with people who share similar interests, learning how to continually explore & build your unique talents, etc. etc.) far outweighs all associated stress attacks. ;)

Last point on this (smile), I think the key though is to stay single-minded when it comes to selecting what Extra-Curricular Activities to invest your time in. I am not "a Sports Person" (God bless you people that are, I totally admire you, smile). Can I play Sports? If necessary. Do I attend/watch Sporting Events from time to time? Yes. Do I have certain Sports that I prefer? Yes. But, in the long-term, me investing my time in playing on Sports Teams (for whatever reasons I would be attempting to do that -- entering into "a popularity contest", trying to "fit in" with a certain sub-culture of people, etc. etc.) would actually be robbing me of time that I could be spending honing my talents in areas that I am truly comfortable in and passionate about pursuing professionally throughout my lifetime. #RunOnSentence ;) Ok. Rant over. ;)

Favorites ???

Hobbies = Fashion, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Reading, Writing, Video Games, Arts & Crafts, Decor, Cooking, various Collections, and Hanging Out. It's cool because my "hobbies" also double up as work time. #100%intentional ;)

Color = I luv when people ask me this (lol) because they automatically assume that it's Pink. Pink (and its various shades) is one of my favorite colors, but my #1 fav is actually Green. The funny thing is though, I have way more Pink things (and use Pink more in Graphic Design, etc.) than I do Green... Sooooooo, I don't know what to say about that... =/ (lol)

Food Genre = Definitely Italian. ;)

Food = Cheese ;)

Soda = Root Beer ;)

Hot Tea = It's a 3-way tie between Green Tea, Earl Grey, and Peppermint. Also, I prefer to sweeten my Tea with Honey. ;)

Animal = It's a 5-way tie between Pandas, Koalas, White Terrier Dogs, Polar Bears, and White Tigers. ;)

Sport to Play = I am in no way "a Sports person", but when I do choose to partake, it's a tie between Tennis and Soccer.

Sport to Watch = Same as above. It's a 4-way tie between Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Tennis, and Soccer.

Which One ???

Introvert or Extrovert = 50/50, it depends on the social situation and what I deem to be appropriate expressions of my emotions. #Manners #DoUntoOthers ;)

Morning or Night Person = Definitely "a Night Person". I often joke around about being a Vampire and a Mad Scientist, because when most people are getting up for the day, I am going to sleep after working hard all night/early AM. ;)

Indoor or Outdoor Person = 50/50

Warm or Cold Weather = I am definitely a warm weather girl! ;)

Cat or Dog Person = Dog, although I have never owned either one. =/

Other Q&A

First Job = A "Movie Extra" when I was 12 years old. ;) At the time it was really cool because I got to miss School, travel to a different city, eat lots of good food, watch Industry Legends do their thing up close, and get paid to go like, "Yeah!" every couple of hours for almost a week. ;) #iLuvShowbiz (lol)

If you had to choose a different Job, what would it be? = There are lots of Jobs that I would enjoy doing. I would definitely work a combination of Jobs (helps keep me out of trouble, lol). Sooooooo, let's see, the rundown would be... Personal Stylist, Backup Singer, Publicist, Talent Manager, Professional Organizer, Interior Designer, and an Extra for Movies / TV / Theater on the side (not all at once of course, lol). ;)

Are your lips real? = ... Rude! (lol) Yes, and for the record, everything else is as well. But yeah, don't feel bad about asking, I totally understand the curiosity, what with all of the "enhancing" going on nowadays. ;)

One thing that most people don't know about you, but they will now = I am totally ignorant when it comes to "Make-Up Application". =/ LOL, that's why I hardly ever write about it. ;) "Skin Care" however, is another story. ;) My regular "Make-Up Routine" is very simple -- Lipstick / Lip Gloss and when I feel like it, Eye Make-Up (Eye shadow, Mascara, & Eyeliner). ;)

Things that scare you = Sinkholes, certain types of Birds (... when I was a kid, a bird randomly landed on my shoulder & just sat there looking at me, while I was playing on my Swing Set... Seriously?! ... I am still seriously traumatized because of this... No, really I am. But... I do give you permission to LOL at me. ;) It is super funny, that is, until it happens to you... Which I hope it never does...), "Selfies", and "Filters" that shape-shift peoples faces and/or alter their voices... These things truly terrify me. [shivers at the mere thought of it] =/

Things you are weak for = Sand (I just have to go play in it! No Sandbox, Beach, or Hourglass Timer is safe from me. Lol), Peppermint things (Cookies, Lotion, Candles... sigh... its all so glorious, smile), Sales, and Sparkly things ("Pretty..." [wanders aimlessly towards the object]) ;)

Thank you for wanting to get to know me better. ;) I will be answering your FAQs on an ongoing basis, so check back later for more answers. Talk more soon, RUTH

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