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FAQs: Ruth's Desk Decor

Q: What is your desk like ?

RUTH: The Desk that I work at on a regular basis is small. It's technically "a kids desk". ;) I have experimented with various sizes of Desks in my career, and I have found that I work best when I have just enough space for accomplishing the current task at hand.

In terms of aesthetics, my Main Desk is Powder Pink & Silver. Soooooo Girly Girl and soooooo fun! ;)

Above: This is a product that is very similar to the Desk that I work on. Click / Tap on the photo to get a closer look!

Q: What's on your desk ?

RUTH: On my Main Desk is my Day Planner, a Pink Ink Pen, a Black Ink Pen, a Turquoise Ink Pen, a Purple Ink Pen, my Main Work Computer, a Keyboard, a Mouse, a Mouse Pad, and whatever Project I am working on for that time. ;)

Above: These are products that are either exactly what I work with on a Daily basis or are very similar. Click / Tap on the photos to get a closer look!

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