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Hang Out Idea: Breakfast Out

Hi ITT girls & Co.!

Whatever dispensation I am at in my life (Tween, Teen, Bible College Student, Young Adult, Single Small Business Owner, etc.), I luv to hang out!

My Online Biz Career started when I was a Tween, and over the years I have held on to the habit that although my Job requires me to spend a large amount of "alone time" being a #MadScientist in my Lab ;) regular face-to-face human contact is a non-negotiable in order to maintain a balanced daily lifestyle and to continue to personally grow emotionally (b/c no one starts out wanting to be a cold-hearted hermit...) and spiritually (gotta practice those "Fruits of The Spirit", yo). Whew! That was a total run-on sentence. ;)

Spotlight Bible verse = "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control." (Galatians 5:22-23, NIV)

Going to B-fast out, is a great hang out idea! When I was a Tween and Teen working on my Biz during the Summer Vacation months, this required me to get out of the house and/or the Public Library, and catch up with family and friends.

In Bible College, it required me to get out of my "Closet Office" (I turned my Dorm Room Walk-in Closet into a 1/2 Glam Closet, 1/2 Small Business Office. Against my will, it became quite a Tourist Attraction and hang out locale in and of itself on Campus... Another reason I was glad that I opted to not have a Roommate, lol. But that's another story for another time, smile) and catch up with friends and family.

Now, as a Single Small Business/Home-based Business Owner, this forces (and I mean force, lol) me to get out of the PJ's and wear a Hair Style other than a Topknot (although, I still seem to always find a way to wear one out

If you are a Small Business/Home-based Business Owner, tie this into your work. Got to meet with a Client or Employee that you Outsource to, etc. etc.? Invite them to Breakfast before the meeting (your treat, remember to log it as a Business Expense). This usually always "breaks the ice" with someone new and most people work best on a full stomach anyways. ;)

Remember, it doesn't have to be "a full on spread" every time. Sometimes I enjoy relaxing (ahem, waking up, lol) and dining at a restaurant for a few hours. Other times I enjoy a "quick & easy" cup of fancy schmancy coffee or tea, a croissant or bagel, or a pastry.

Come early and/or stay late after your Business Breakfast Meeting and utilize the free wifi for a change of scenery. ;)

Happy Dining!

Above: I luv electronic gift cards/e-gift cards, they always make surprising and fun gifts for a variety of special occasions! These are a few of the Restaurants that I enjoy eating at on a regular basis, click/tap on the photos to get a closer look!

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